How Can I Stop Loving You?

Any detail in the name of love,
So much pain, I can’t believe in you,
Your endless lies cut deep, uninspire me,
I can’t write or even think,
I’m thirsty, so much wasted are my tears,
You’re there and I’m here, lost in the blue.

I just want to pray to you:
Fail not to steal my dreams at night,
Pray your memories,
Stay away from my bed each morning,
I refuse to breathe,
Don’t forget it,
Because in all, you are cursed.

I just want to lose my mind for a moment,
And feel that I can carry on,
Despite my weak heart,
And my soul’s lack of will to fight,
I’m searching for a way to forget you,
A way to rid you from my life,
How can I stop loving you?

I can’t forget,
And start my days anew,
Each kiss on my skin,
And your touch on my soul,
Hurts me upon waking,
And even more when it’s time to sleep,
And I find myself thinking more and more of you.

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