To Heal My Heart

I wanna speak clearly
(to my heart)
And breathe life into me
And say that even it can
(to love)
If we try
If we want to cry
And say that even it can
(to love)
But don’t give up

‘Cause I don’t want to feel this way
(to see me like this)
‘Cause we need each other
I won’t lie
It’s so true
(so real)
To dry my tears
To hold onto dreams
In this life, the only
(the illusions) within me

To keep my hopes alive
To believe and see,
In this short life
(the illusions) within me
To heal my heart

And not make me feel worse
And not be so afraid
Because my time has come, for sure
It’s time to feel deeply loved
(I’m steady)
I know I am more than ready

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